Millennium Translation is one of the top online translation agencies. It offers its translation and language services 24 hours a day, seven day a week, both  nationally and internationally. Our team of translators and language providers are qualified in various specialties including medicine, finance, law among many other areas. They work in different languages such as English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese etc. we also provide, upon request, certification and verification of translation. We also offer other language services such as editing, desktop publishing, software and website localization etc. We serve clients around the globe, thanks to our long experience and expertise. Millennium Translation is also an equal opportunity translation agency that offers opportunities to excellent translators around the world.

Indeed, Millennium Translation is a one-stop destination for all great quality translations.

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The Power of the


our translators give consideration to nationality, as well as cultural aspects when translating, and also to differences in how the language is used, for example, Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin America, in effect localizing translations excellently, adding to the final quality of the work. 


Our translations are done by highly qualified in-house mother-tongue speakers and are experts in the subject matter being translated too, read more...

Editing & proofreading

Millennium Translation has some of the best editors on the planet, who ensure only the highest standards in all services, at all times, read more...


Recently, Desktop Publishing (or DTP) has been gaining popularity on the world’s stage. The main objective of DTP is to ensure localization of graphics read more...


There are two fundamental rules when writing subtitles, in the following order of importance: read more...

How Do We Treat
Your Project

  1. After our sales team receives your project, the sales team sends it to one of our project managers.

  2. The project manager checks the project’s files, the source and target languages, and the project field.

  3. Then he uploads the files on one of our Cat Tools. This enables him to follow the work progress after the language expert starts working on it.

  4. The project manager assigns the project to a native linguist who is expert in the project field.

  5. After the translation is done the project manager sends the file to a native expert Editor to review the file and deliver it with track changes.

  6. When the PM receives the file from the editor, he sends it again to the translator to accept and implement the changes.

  7. Then our PM checks the file format and makes it looks like the source file.

  8. After this the PM sends the file to our QA team to assure the translation quality.

  9. Then you receive your well translated and formatted file by the agreed deadline without any delay.


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Nelia Nelson